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For Immediate Release - September 28, 1999
Contact: Ralph Peck
(406) 444-3144
TDD: 444-4687

Governor Encourages US Department Of Commerce Action

(Helena)-- In a letter to the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission, Governor MARC RACICOT reiterated his support for the right of appeal and effective use of the process being utilized by Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund (R-CALF) relative to the dispute involving the dumping of Canadian cattle on the American market. The appeal is being heard by the Department of Commerce's International Trade Commission. The appeal will be heard in Washington, D.C., on October 4, 1999.

"We enjoy an open trade relationship with Canada," Racicot said in the letter. "This case brings forward a number of issues that must be resolved to assure continued efforts toward expanding trade for our agricultural products."

Ralph Peck, Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture, supports Racicot's efforts in meeting with his counterparts on behalf of Montana's agricultural industry. "Although the process is lengthy and expensive, it is the only means available to assure an effective resolution to the dispute," said Peck. "I will encourage my counterparts at the upcoming National Association of State Departments of Agriculture to the end that perhaps a less expensive, more prompt means of resolving such disputes can be determined and supported."

"The dispute under appeal involves the duty paid by Canadian cattlemen on Canadian cattle entering the United States. The DOC/ITC determination will resolve the contention of countervailing duty and dumping cattle by Canada.

For more information contact Ralph Peck at the Montana Department of Agriculture, (406) 444-3144 or by e-mail at

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