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For Immediate Release - June 23, 1999
Contact: Anastasia Burton, (406) 444-5523


Gov. MARC RACICOT announced today another major gift to the Mike Mansfield Statue Fund.

In a brief ceremony this morning in his office, the Governor accepted a $10,000 check from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation of Missoula.

It was presented by Russ Ritter, President of the Foundation. "The life, career, work and presence of Mike Mansfield has inspired many others both within and without our stateís borders," said Mr. Ritter. "All Montanans need to remember this. We are very pleased to contribute and to help make the reality of what will become a permanent living memorial to this great Montanan and this great human being."

Gov. Racicot thanked Mr. Ritter and Dennis and Phyllis Washington. "We are, of course, most appreciative of their generosity," the Governor said. "This gift is a grand gesture that will help create a permanent statue as a living role model for Montanans--and Americans--of many future generations."

The latest $10,000 gift pushes the Statue Fund total to above $50,000, well past the halfway mark in the privately-funded drive to raise about $80,000. At Gov. Racicotís suggestion, the 1999 Montana Legislature authorized placing such a statue in the Capitol, which is currently undergoing 18 months of renovations.

Anyone interested in participating should send their tax-deductible donation to Gov. MARC RACICOT, Mike Mansfield Statue Fund, State Capitol, Helena MT 59620.


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