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For Immediate Release - November 25, 1998
Contact: Anastasia Burton, Press Secretary (406) 444-5523


The Racicot Administration’s Executive Budget for the 2001 biennium is available electronically on the State of Montana’s web page. By visiting, Internet users can access the budget’s overview and key components with the help of an Internet browser.

The budget is divided into nine sections: overview, general government and transportation, public health and human services, natural resources and commerce, public safety and justice, education, long-range planning, and reference.

Internet users may view the documents on-line, or download them in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Adobe provides a free copy of its Acrobat viewer and installation instructions when Internet users visit the address listed above.

Governor Racicot encouraged Montanans to view the budget electronically as one more opportunity to participate in open government. The Governor said, "This is just one example of how technology can bring government to our citizens. In a state as vast as ours, we need to make every effort to bring information like the budget to the taxpayers."

For those who do not have Internet access, hard copies of the budget are available by calling the Office of Budget and Program Planning at (406) 444-3616, or by writing to:

Office of Budget and Program Planning State Capitol -- Room 236 Helena, MT 59620


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