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For Immediate Release - July 6, 1999
Contact: Anastasia Burton, (406) 444-5523

Governor Racicot establishes Y2K Council

Governor MARC RACICOT announced today that he has established the Montana Y2K Readiness Council, which will meet for the next 12 months to gather information and advise him on issues surrounding the change to a new millennium. The council will be chaired by Lieutenant Governor Judy Martz.

Governor RACICOT said, "There may be a tendency on the part of some to view the coming of the new millennium with some uncertainty in light of the anticipated Year 2000 Problem. I formed the Y2K Readiness Council to assist me in learning the facts about Y2K and to keep Montanans informed. The Council will be responsible for giving our citizens sound, solid information on how the Year 2000 may affect them and what they can do to mitigate these affects."

The Council will be responsible for facilitating the timely sharing of information among Montana governmental agencies and the private sector. Council members will also work with Montana’s congressional delegation to coordinate State and Federal government efforts to deal with Y2K.

"I am delighted," Lieutenant Governor Judy Martz said, "to be asked to chair this Council. I believe the Y2K issue could possibly touch each of us in some way and I want to be sure that Montana is fully prepared to enter the new millennium. I look forward to working with representatives from utility companies, banks, hospitals, and state and local government agencies on this Council." (See the following list of members).

The Council's first meeting will be Thursday, July 8, from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm at the Public Service Commission at 1701 Prospect in Helena.


Lieutenant Governor Judy MartzHelena
Mr. Bob Anderson
Commissioner, Montana Public Service Commission
Mr. Jim Greene
Administrator, Disaster and Emergency Services
Ms. Lois Menzies
Director, Montana Department of Administration
Mr. Lauren Ike
Year 2000 Program Manager, Montana Power Company
Mr. Gary Weins
Assistant Manager, Montana Electric Co-operatives Association
Great Falls
Mr. Frank Durant
Region Manager, Montana Dakota Utilities
Mr. Rick Hays
VP, US West
Mr. Gordon Morris
Executive Director, Montana Association of Counties
Mr. Ken Morrison
City Commissioner, City of Helena
Mr. Dick Brown
Senior VP, Montana Hospital Association
Mr. Jim Ereaux
Director Technology Systems, Salish-Kootenai Tribal College
Mr. Ed Garding
President, First Interstate Bank System
Mr. Michael C. Strand
Executive VP, Montana Independent Telecommunications Systems


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