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For Immediate Release - August 24, 1999
Contact: Wyman McDonald,
Office of Indian Affairs
(406) 444-3713

Advisory Committee Appointed To Rename "Squaw" Sites;
First Meeting Set

(Helena)-- Office of Indian Affairs Coordinator Wyman J. McDonald has appointed an advisory committee to rename all geographic features and places with the word "squaw" in them. The first meeting of the advisory committee has been set for Thursday, August 26, in the Governorís Office conference room at 1625 11th Avenue, Helena.

Committee members volunteering for the appointment are:

McDonald said he may make additional appointments to the committee, depending on level of interest. Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment to the committee may contact him at the Office of Indian Affairs, (406) 444-3713 or 444-3702.

HB 412, sponsored by Rep. Carol Juneau (D) Browning, was signed into law by Governor Marc Racicot in the 1999 Legislative Session. The bill requires state agencies to remove the name "squaw" from all "geographic features and places" within their jurisdiction. Some federal agencies in Montana, such as the National Park Service and U. S. Forest Service, have also agreed to voluntarily remove the name.

HB 412 provides for the Coordinator of the Governorís Office of Indian Affairs to appoint an advisory group to review all name changes. Reimbursement to committee members for travel expenses was not provided in HB 412.


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