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For Immediate Release - September 27, 2000
Anastasia Burton
(406) 444-5523

Governor Calls for Day of Thanks

(HELENA)---Governor Marc Racicot, in conjunction with various faith communities across the state, has asked the people of Montana dedicate one day in October as a day of thanks for all the people who have given their time in fighting fires, providing emergency relief, aiding in evacuation of people and livestock, and assisting those who have been displaced from their homes.

Governor Racicot said, "I believe it is also important to express our gratitude to the Lord for the rain and cooler temperatures that have arrived, and ask His blessings upon the many courageous people who helped bring about a successful conclusion to this major disaster. We also ask for restoration and renewal for those who have suffered loss in this summer's disasters of drought and fire."

The fires of 2000 have been unprecedented, not only in their magnitude and destruction, but in the tremendous mobilization of resources from all over the United States, Canada, and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. "As the fire season draws to a close with no loss of human life and relatively few injuries, the people of Montana have much to be thankful for," Governor Racicot added.

In response to a recent letter from Governor Racicot, Montana's faith communities announced the Governor's request that Montanans of all cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs give thanks in ways they deem appropriate.


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