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For Immediate Release - December 8, 2000
Anastasia Burton
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(HELENA)---Governor Marc Racicot today called upon Montana's citizens and businesses to begin conserving electricity immediately in anticipation of a deep cold spell expected to arrive in the Pacific Northwest by Sunday.

Governor Racicot issued the call in response to a warning issued today by regional energy experts. A warning is issued when regional forecasts indicate that the demand for electricity can only be met after implementing extraordinary actions.

"A number of factors are combining in the next few days that require all Montanans to begin conserving power immediately," said Governor Racicot. "Voluntary conservation today may mean we will avoid disruptions when the cold weather settles in on Monday."

Governor Racicot continued, "Cold weather and a tight energy supply make it especially important that people in Montana and throughout the Northwest reduce their energy use as they go about their day. Even the smallest acts of conservation will add up to help us through this situation."

"I urge every family and every business to take some simple steps that will help avert disruptions," Racicot added. Examples include:

Turning off lights in empty rooms
Turning off computers, radios and televisions when not in use
Turning heaters down to 68 degrees
Using microwave ovens instead of electric stoves
Running dishwashers before bed instead of during peak periods
Turning down water heater thermostats to 120 degrees

Governor Racicot said that a number of factors have led to this situation including:


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