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For Immediate Release - September 13, 1999
Contact: Marilyn Frazier, (406)444-4173
Doug Brown, (406)444-1391

Gov. Racicot Announces Matching Funds To Provide An Additional $55,000 For Montana's Promise Seed Grants For Montana Communities

Governor Marc Racicot announced today that the Montana Coin Operators have matched funds with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide an additional $55,000 for Montana's Promise seed grants for Montana communities.

"We appreciate the generosity of the Montana Coin Operators and other Montana businesses who have contributed significant dollars to Montana's Promise," Governor Racicot said. "Those contributions have allowed Montana communities to identify local needs and serve youth in ways they determine are best."

President of the Montana Coin Operators Chris Warren said, "We have seen the accomplishments of Montana's Promise and believe in the Governor's and Lt. Governor's strategy for Montana Youth--the future of our state. We know our contribution will benefit the young people of Montana."

The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) matched the Coin Operators contribution with funds budgeted for prevention services. Chemical Dependency Bureau Chief Roland Mena said, "Montana's Promise is a great way to get prevention to grass roots in the state."

The latest contribution from the Montana Coin Operators is their second in a total of $52,000 given to Montana's Promise. Montana businesses have contributed more than $450,000 to sponsor the Governor's Summit on youth and provide $55,000 for the first round of seed grants awarded earlier this year. Thirteen communities have already received grants.

Montana's Promise, under the direction of Lieutenant Governor Judy Martz, is a statewide effort to Mentor, Protect, Nurture, Prepare and Serve 10,000 Montana Youth by the year 2000. It is a continuation of the Governor's Summit on Youth. Montana Promise seed grant applications are available from Montana's Promise office, located in the Governor's Office.


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