840 Helena Avenue,
Helena, MT 59601
Main Phone Number 444-2040
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 444-3246
Toll Free Number 800 332-6148
FAX Number 444-3497
Policyholder FAX Number 444-1980
Securities FAX Number 444-5558
Legal FAX Number 444-3499
Insure MT FAX Number 444-3435

Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

Monica J Lindeen, Commissioner 444-2006

Deputy Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

Jesse Laslovich, Acting Deputy Commissioner 444-2006

Executive Office

Jodi Medlar, Executive Assistant to Commissioner 444-2006
Amanda Roccabruna Eby, Project Administrator 444-4328
Jennifer McKee, Communications & Policy Director 444-4237
Laura Parvey-Connors, Digital Media Manager 444-3152
Cathy Wright, Publications Manager 444-3415
Emily Samhammer, Policy Administrator 444-3412
Jeff Barber, Land Board Advisor 444-4613
Christina Goe, General Counsel 444-1942
Conference Room 1st Floor 444-7869
Conference Room 2nd Floor 444-1265

Securities Division

Lynne Egan, Deputy Securities Commissioner 444-4388
Mark Murray, Examiner/Analyst 444-6784
Patrick Navarro, Assistant Analyst 444-3822
Michele Huftel, Registration 444-2990
April Fife, Administration Assistant 444-5236
Cindy Palmer, Financial Education Coordinator 444-7834

Insurance Division

Greg Dahl, Deputy Insurance Commissioner 444-5438

Small Business Insurance

Pam Koenig, Acting Program Manager 444-2406
Stephanie Witham, Tax Credit Specialist 444-3491
Renee Little, Purchasing Pool Specialist 444-3498
Ecko Edwards, Management Analyst 444-3440
Mike Patterson, Administrative Assistant 444-1812


Steve Matthews, Bureau Chief 444-4372
Russell Ehman, Examiner 444-4350
Tim Morris, Examiner 444-4489
Wayne Barker, Examiner 444-4448
Cheryl Donovan, Examiner 444-4517
Michelle Scaccia, Examiner 444-4515
Tal Redpath, Examiner 444-0765
Steve Mack, Examiner 444-3496
Paula Oswald, Examiner 444-3566
Daniel Judge, Examiner 444-3469
Kari Leonard, Examiner 444-2895

Policyholder Services

Carol Roy, Market Conduct Bureau Chief 444-3917
Barbara Van der Mars, Policy Holder Services Bureau Chief 444-9768
Valerie Burner, Compliance Specialist 444-3678
David Dachs, Market Conduct Examiner 444-9722

Ron Herman, Compliance Specialist

Gary Oakley, Compliance Specialist 444-3612
Sharon Richetti, Compliance Specialist 444-2894
Frank Truax, Compliance Specialist 444-2810
Tari Nyland, Compliance Specialist 444-2725
Theresa Oakley, Compliance Specialist 444-3126
Kim Hewitt, Market Conduct Examiner 444-3447


Jeannie Keller, Bureau Chief 444-3897
Pam Daugherty, Licensing/Surpluslines 444-9751
Kathryn Dunkelberger, Public Outreach Coordinator 444-9771
Sherrie Mannix, Licensing Permit Technician 444-2539
Mary Arnold, Continuing Education 444-3455
Tavin Mogus, Administrative Assistant 444-3422


Mari Kindberg, Property & Casualty Actuary/ Hail Board Actuary 444-5220

Steve Hess, Life & Disability Actuary

Pam Koenig, Compliance Technician 444-2406


Rosann Grandy, Bureau Chief 444-3443
Pam Forsman, Life & Health Specialist 444-3721
Myrna O'Dell, Life & LTC Specialist 444-2047
Tiffany Caverhill, Property & Casualty/Annuities Specialist 444-3720
Richard Hersey, Health Specialist 444-3446
Karen Beyl, Property & Casualty Specialist 444-3438

Legal Services

Jesse Laslovich, Chief Legal Counsel 444-5789
Jennifer Hudson, Staff Attorney 444-3467
Mike Winsor, Staff Attorney 444-2004
Brett O'Neil, Staff Attorney 444-5234
Michael Kakuk, Staff Attorney 444-5223
Nick Mazanec, Staff Attorney 444-0385
Joan Barber, Administrative Assistant 444-2042
Shanni Barry, Paralegal 444-2495
Darla Sautter, Legal Secretary 444-2726
Lisa Monroe, Legal Secretary 444-3407


Jesse Laslovich, Chief Legal Counsel 444-5789
Cheri Meier, Investigator 444-3810
Neil Brunett, Investigator 444-5212
Bryan Stanley, Investigator 444-2844

Central Services

Staci Litschauer, Administrator 444-2041
Leah Martin, Human Resource Specialist 444-5221
Janet Herold, Accountant 444-1867
Bill Wilson, Purchasing/Supply Assistant 444-3473
Amanda Scherer, Mailroom/ Accounting Clerk 444-5229
Taylor Schatz, Receptionist 444-2040
Kate Lawler, Receptionist 444-2040

IT Department

Glynis Gibson, Manager 444-3517
Ken Kops, Computer Systems Analyst 444-5787
Josh Tuman, Programmer Analyst 444-5233
Andy Nickol, Help Desk Technician 444-0382