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Workforce Board

- Orientation







Governor's Workforce Investment Board

Accountability Committee

Helena, MT
September 20, 2002


Committee Members Present: Chair Cristina Boyle, Ellen Engstedt, Diane Harkins, Byron Roberts 

Committee Members Absent: Dick Brown, Gary Willis 

Staff Present: Desiree Taggart, Marla Tilton 

Guests Present: Gary Warren, Sue Mohr, Mary Walsh, Connie Kinsey 

I.  Roll Call

Chair Cristina Boyle called the meeting to order at 10:45 am.  Roll call was taken and a quorum was established.  Desiree Taggart informed the committee that Vicki Cocchiarella has resigned.

II.  Review and Approval Prior Minutes

The Minutes of June 21, 2002 were reviewed and approved.

III.  Review Performance Document (Program Indicators)

Desiree Taggart added the performance document - Workforce Development Programs for Individuals & Programs for Business from the Regulatory Meeting on September 19, 2002.  She explained the purpose of this document and the Program Indicators.  The performance indicators are state and federal funding which will be done on an annual basis.  We picked program year 2002.  The profile document will show you the funding source, where, how and who it goes to when it comes to the state.  This document will tell you what goes on with all the programs. 

IV.  Review Balanced Score Card Approach

Desiree Taggart introduced the third companion document - Montana Workforce System Indicators and told the committee that our consultant, Roy Vanderford talked about coming up with indicators across all programs. Roy built a balanced score card approach - something for the committee to review and decide which bullet items to keep or add more information. 

Building Skills:  Our Mission Statement is to look for and promote high skills and workers.  The committee reviewed and discussed these bullet items and agreed to remove the 4th bullet (% of population considered "literate" by agreed-upon standard).  Some of the key discussion points were:

What types of people are going into these jobs and their demographic location?

Importance of sending out surveys or obtaining information from current surveys.

We are looking for advice to be able to measure.

Our goal would be to get more people into these programs.

Marketing is very important because we want to show how useful.

We need to identify Cluster studies so we will be able to support.

All programs need to be held accountable.

Other businesses we want to attract could be manufacturing.

Need to have a baseline.

Desiree Taggart will do some research for the next meeting regarding a timeframe for "technology literate" standards.

Building Bridges:  Our Regulatory Committee is looking at one-stop guidelines.  The committee reviewed and discussed these bullets.  Some of the key discussion points were:

Look at those students that do not continue high education for these programs.

Importance of marketing these programs within the schools.

Change Bullet 1 from 6 months to 1 year.

Need to obtain more information from higher education staff.

Establish a Broker (i.e. Job Service) to assess what the employer needs would be for different types of assistance.

Look at the Soft Skill method to bring certified trainers into employer's sites.

Desiree would modify Bullet 4 per the committee.

Building Better Public Access:  The committee reviewed and discussed these bullet items and agreed to remove the 2nd bullet (Average travel distance to a JobLinc site for MT residents).  Some of the key discussion points were:

Do we want more federal centers?

Importance of spot ads.

Add increased information, service and educational access.

Importance of staying focused on goals and skill targets.

Lunch 12:10-1:05pm

Changing Public Opinion:  The committee reviewed and discussed these bullet items and agreed to remove the 5th bullet (Implement follow-up survey to measure impact of campaign).  Some of the key discussion points were:

Add new bullet to top - Determine what the public attitude and behaviors are currently.

Work with partners and educate them of the benefits and return on their investment.

Employers need to understand what they need and where to go to get help.

What is the attitude and do we measure?

Need feedback from employers - how can we improve or change?

Ambassadors survey to be completed soon.

Check with Job Service about their surveys.

Desiree will work with Sue and Gary to see what we can compile for a baseline.

Launch campaign to increase employer perception.  Build on what has already been done.

Chair Cristina Boyle made a motion to accept the score card as edited.  The motion was seconded and passed.

V.  Review Marketing Material

Gary Warren from the DOL reviewed the marketing materials that were sent to each committee member.  He informed us that Job Service and JobLinc are one and the same and are linked together.  These marketing materials are in all job service offices and have been distributed in many other areas.  Gary will also research if any continued marketing plans are being pursued.

VI.  Review Continuous Improvement Activities

Desiree Taggart presented the Workforce Quality Awards and explained that all the work has not been completed on this item. The document has not been brought before the Governor or State Workforce Board.  Desiree asked the committee members to write her in the next week with any suggestions or concerns they might have with the Awards guidelines.

VII.  Public Comment


VIII.  Next Meeting Date

The scheduling of the next meeting will be done at a later time.  Full Board meeting will be on October 15, 2002.  Desiree asked if Cristina would speak at the Executive meeting on October 3, 2002.

XI.  Adjourn

Chair Cristina Boyle adjourned the meeting at 2:00 pm. navigation footer
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